Old East Indies Frame Arts Building (Kesenian) in Batavia

Old East Indies Frame Arts Building (Kesenian) in Batavia

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Built by the Dutch in 1821 as “De Schouwburg” or the “Comediegebouw” this building was a fine arts theatre in the Old Batavia. Host to music concerts, dramatic plays, and even operatic works, De Schouwburg was the place to be. The building still stands and was renamed as Gedung Kesenian Jakarta after independence.

Reproduction after a lithograph published in the year 1883 in the Netherlands, based on a drawing by J.C. Rappard. During his posting in the Netherlands Indies from 1842 until 1872, Rappard painted and drew pictures of life in the Indies and various sceneries. Later, back in the Netherlands, they were being made into decorative lithographs.   




J.C. Rappard


245 x 313 mm

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