Ramun Amuleto, the Multifunctional Table Lamp

Aug 29, 2017


If you’re looking for a table lamp that is eco-friendly, has an elegant design, multifunctional, and does not hurt your eyes; look no more! RAMUN Amuleto is the answer. Alessandro Mendini, the well-known Italian designer, designed RAMUN Amuleto for his grandson so that the light would not hurt his eyes.


Alessandro Mendini and his grandson

He dedicated the lamp for his grandson; giving it to him as a lucky charm. Amuleto is a cordless LED table lamp in which the three circles (the base, central junction, and luminous crown) make up a patented system that allows great flexibility and positioning the lamp and it can direct light towards any angle. It weighs so little that even a child can move it.

 The design is elegant and it can be bent in every angle. That’s why, RAMUN Amuleto is perfect for your home. Here are some places you can put Amuleto table lamp at your home:

  1. On your bedside table as a night light
    Since the LED lamp in Amuleto is safe for your eyes, you can use it as a night light or a reading light. You can even adjust the brightness with 11 dimming features.
    ramun amuleto bedroom

  2. To showcase your favorite art pieces
    Showcase your favorite art pieces or photos with lights because lights make everything better.
    lk blog ramun
    ramun amuleto table

  1. On your kid’s table
    Help your kids study better by placing Ramun Amuleto on their desk. The light will help them concentrate with whatever it is they are studying.

  2. Next to your kid’s bed
    Is your kid afraid of the dark? Since the LED light can be adjusted with 11 different levels, they can now sleep in peace with the light on. The calming light can help your kid sleep and relax better.
    ramun kid's room

  3. In the kitchen
    Are you a fan of sorting out bills or working in the kitchen? You can now work in peace without worrying about disturbing your eyes from reading in the dark because Amuleto lamp can also be placed on the kitchen counter.
    ramun amuleto kitchen

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