Five Most Popular Iittala Items

Aug 18, 2017


About the company

Iittala is a well-known Finnish brand that produces essential objects made to be combinable, multi-functional, and with lasting design that inspires one’s everyday life. The company started as a glass factory in 1881, in the village of Iittala. Back then, they produced blown, pressed, polished, painted and etched glass in the ornamental style. In the beginning of 20th century, the trend of dinnerware was decorated glasses with a variety of ornaments.

The progressive Scandinavian design was pioneered by designers Alvar Aalto, Aino Aalto, and Kaj Franck. They don’t just create beautiful objects, but they believe in timeless design that will never be thrown away and make them available for everyone. By the mid-century, Iittala began a new, simple aesthetic of glassware that remains a staple to this day.


Iittala’s Product Timeline

iittala timeline

Source: Iittala’s Official Website

Source: Iittala’s Official Website

Famous Iittala Items


The brand has expanded their products, with many designers that contributed to the collection. Each collection has its own unique trademarks and concept. Here are five  of the most famous products and collections


  1. Iittala Alto Clear Vase (IDR 950,000)

    alto clear vase
    Designer Alvar Aalto created this iconic glass vase series in 1936. The design was inspired by the waves in the water, each vase is unique and mouth-blown. This glass vase has become one of Finland’s most iconic design products of all time.

  2. Iittala Kivi Votive Clear Candleholder (IDR 310,000)
    candle holder

    Kiivi candleholders enrich and multiply a candle’s gentle glow. It’s available in several colors and they perfectly showcase Iittala’s unique colored glass expertise.

  3. Kartio collection
    iittala kartio collection
    Source: Reallywellmade UK

    Designed by Kaj Frank, the designer wanted to remove excess in his work, leaving only the essentials. His goal with Kartio glass is to create a simple, yet durable glass for everyday use. He successfully captured the perfect balance between material and geometric form. The wide and versatile colour palette of Kartio basic drinking glasses really represent Iittala’s coloured glass.

  4. Essence Wine Glass
    iittala essence wine glass
    Source: HoneyVilla

    Alfredo Haberli designed Essence in 2001 with a simple idea to create a series that had as few glasses as possible while still being able to serve a full range of fine wines. That’s why, Essence glassware has a modern and minimal design with a thin lip, which is rare in lead-free glasses. The stems and bases are identical, which express a sense of balance when they are placed side by side.

  5. Kastehelmi collection
    iittala kastehelmiSource: Royal Design Australia

    Kastehelmi means ‘dewdrop’ in Finnish. Designed by Oiva Toikka in 1964, but the series was relaunched in 2010. He came up with the idea to use droplets of glass as decoration and the result was a unique design that features rings of tiny glass bubbles. This series has been a favorite for over fifty years.